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      Wear resistant composite steel plate is made of wear-resistant alloy with special high hardness arc welding wire, which is made of wear-resisting plate of first shield company. It is deposited on the surface of ordinary carbon steel plate uniformly. In the metallographic structure of the wear-resisting plate, the carbide is distributed in a fibrous manner, and the fiber direction is perpendicular to the surface, and the surface hardness is high, which is incomparable to the ordinary carbon steel.

      The wear resistant composite steel plate with a special processing technology, the wear-resistant layer of transverse crack, crack the wear plate along the longitudinal direction as ordinary steel as deformation, therefore, although the wear plate hardness in the HRC60 above, but it can carry out cutting, bending, welding and other processing, it can be said that the steel can be processed parts, wear plate basically can be processed.

      Wear resistant layer of wear resistant steel with high chromium alloy, and manganese, molybdenum, niobium and other components, carbide formation has a strong stability under high temperature, can maintain high hardness, but also has very good antioxidant properties, at 500 DEG C can be used normally.


      Between the wear resistant layer of wear resistant composite steel plate and the base is metallurgical bonding, organizational characteristics of fibrous distribution of high hardness carbide embedded in high toughness matrix, the basic characteristics of composite materials with high hardness and high toughness, impact resistance performance is quite good, not shedding wear during use.







      1, the base for the purchase of carbon steel plate, the thickness may be + 0.5mm deviation, which may lead to deviation of the total thickness, when ordering, please consider this factor, such as

      The total thickness is required. Please send it before ordering.

      2, the specifications listed in the list of products are generally ready to stock, other specifications of the product delivery cycle extended accordingly.

      3, length direction is bead direction.

      4, according to customer drawings for processing, processing loss and processing fees.

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