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  • Grinding roll / disc surfacing repair (offline)

    ¡¡¡¡Jiangsu the shou dun in the domestic use of submerged arc and arc welding technology to successfully manufacture, repair and grinding roller and grinding disk power, cement, chemical etc. put into mass production, the raw materials for its own patented super wear-resistant welding wire and welding rod. With this patent, the advantages of surfacing welding are that:

    ¡¡¡¡1. In the metallographic structure of the wear-resistant layer, the carbide is distributed uniformly, and the fiber direction is perpendicular to the surface. The surface hardness is higher than HRC65, and the abrasion resistance is further improved.

    ¡¡¡¡2, the fibrous distribution of high hardness carbide embedded in the cast steel matrix, the impact resistance is quite good, in the process of use, the wear-resistant layer will not fall off.

    ¡¡¡¡3, improve customer production efficiency, extend customer overhaul cycle, reduce production costs, improve product quality and output.

    ¡¡¡¡4, burn less, retain more effective ingredients, so as to be more economical.

    ¡¡¡¡5, because of the large amount of production, a large number of global procurement of raw materials, and therefore lower costs.


    ¡¡¡¡6 ¡¢ the surface is smooth and beautiful.


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