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¡¡¡¡Jiangsu shou dun wear-resistant materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014,, the company's business scope: steel castings, iron castings processing, marketing. Alloy structure and parts, wear-resistant parts for carbide, metal lining, ball mill, metal processing machinery research and development, manufacturing, sales. Main products such as coal mill, steel ball, lining board, desulfurization wet mill, steel ball and other wear-resistant materials, is Jiangsu province specializing in the production of wear-resistant, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant materials of high-tech enterprises.. The company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, has been committed to wear steel ball, liner series of new wear-resistant material products research and production, has developed a comprehensive multi-level ball mill energy-saving lining board, a system of coal transfer station of coal chute liner structure ", and" a wear resistant cast steel forged steel ball and its preparation method "patents, and has been awarded 11 National Intellectual Property Office of the patent certificate. I am one of the company's patent products - "ultra high chromium nickel molybdenum cast steel coal chute liner was found in Xuzhou city of high-tech products in 2016, in November 2016, won the" national high tech enterprise ".


¡¡¡¡Professional technical research and development personnel in accordance with different working conditions and user needs, the body of abrasive materials formulated formulation, so that chemical composition can better guarantee the combination of hardness and toughness. Rockwell, Brinell hardness tester, Germany, the United States Spike spectrometer Niton XL3t handheld Thermo Fisher alloy analyzer and other advanced detection equipment, inspection to the various properties of the products. A wide range of inspection of the various attributes of products, so that the library products pass rate of 99%, to protect product quality. Advanced technology and equipment, exquisite production process and strict process control ensure large-scale production, so as to meet customer needs. Improvement of production technology makes the company's product performance have reached the international and domestic advanced level, product best-selling domestic electric power, building materials, mining, metallurgy and other related enterprises, users praise.

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